Welcome to Athens Atman Association !

Our school is a branch of Atman International Federation of Yoga and Meditation which, for more than 20 years, successfully offers its thousands of students all over the word a large variety of courses, classes, workshops, spiritual camps and retreats. The efficiency of our courses is due to the intelligent adaptation of the ancient yogic techniques to the modern life, while still maintaining the esoteric elements which are today almost forgotten. These elements include the system of the chakras, the esoteric laws of the mind, the knowledge of universal principles and more – making the yoga practice much more effective. The teachings, being a synthesis of various spiritual traditions including the Indian and Tibetan yoga, Chinese teachings, esoteric Christianity and more, combined with modern scientific research, are explained in a logic and practical manner.


Meet our teachers:

[collapse title=”Julia Kolozsvari” active=”true”]

She is the president of Athens Atman Associationcv_J, representative of Atman International Federation of Yoga and Meditation in Athens.
She joined Atman Integral Yoga course 15 years ago in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
She is a Integral Yoga instructor and Tantra teacher.
She owns Anima Animus Publishing House in Romania. She is a sexologist, author of several books, personal development trainer and the founder of  SELF Personal Development Program.

Her aim is to share all the knoledge she was blessed to receive, with the hope that her aspiration to reach self realisation and her devotion towards God will inspire others.


[collapse title=”Victor Rusu”]

victorVictor was born on 14th of July 1981, in Bucharest, Romania.

He started yoga 13 years ago in the Romanian Branch of the Atman Yoga School, and did not stop ever since.

He lives now in Athens and teaches Yoga In our school.

He has followed also the Kasmir Shaivism, Astrology and Ayurveda Atman courses.

He is a dancer of Argentinean Tango, Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Zouk.

He coordonates the group for the Revelation of the Divine Supreme Self, Atman and is active in spreading the tantric principles and way of life in beautiful Greece.


[collapse title=”Lucas Nikolaou Dourtourekas”]

Lucas is the Vice-President of Athens Atman Association and the Assistant Manager of the School. He has joined the Atman Integral Yoga Course 4 years ago and he is now an Integral Yoga instructor.
He is a founding member of the SELF Personal Development Program and holds the Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming course having more than 20 years experience on the subject.
His experience in creating and supervising the Leicester University Teacher Training Program for Graduates and his studies on Teaching Methodology in England have made him an adequate teacher in the field of Linguistics. However, he supports that those studies are now complete whereas, undergoing the Atman Teacher Training Course and becoming an Integral Yoga teacher is a life-long study and a wonderful, spiritual journey where everyone is a student and a teacher at the same time, perceiving life itself from a totally different point of view, almost unimaginable before joining our School.
He fell in love with our Integral Yoga Course at first sight, leading now a Tantric way of life, wishing to pass on his love for Tantra & Yoga to his present and future students.


[collapse title=”Loukas Ntourtourekas”]

Lucas2Hello! My name is Loukas Ntourtourekas. I work as an Enlish Language Teacher and as a Yoga Instructor and Tantra Teacher. I heva been practicing yoga since 2004 and I have been a teacher of Hatha Yoga and tantra Yoga since 2009. I am here to show you the path, assist you attain your goals and help you with your esoteric development. Be ready to make that leap of consiousness, to transform. to experience through practice your true potential and shine like a star.




Meet our devoted volunteers!


[collapse title=”Lucian Virtic”]

Although Lucian is not following our Atman system in Athens but in Romania, he is one of our active volunteers, helping our branch with everything related to our sites.
He is a devoted yogi and a very generous person.


[collapse title=”George Zacharis”]

George was born and grew up in Athens. Since he was a child he exhibited zealous and interest for his spiritual growth and education. He attended various schools of traditional martial arts, Gong Fu & Tai Chi Chuan for several years, where he gained athletic and healing knowledge. It was around that time when he took the position of martial arts instructor for the following years. He has also passionately studied Taoism under the tutoring of experienced teachers from Greece and China. In that sense George has now entered our Yoga Teacher’s Training Course, aspiring to evolve even further.


[collapse title=”Argyro Markou”]

Argyro Markou has been a student of ATMAN since 2008. Her original encounter with yoga and alternative medicine (mainly vegan therapeutic Hippocrates based diet) was in 1990 until 1992. True yoga practice (hatha, nada, krigia and tandra) however, began in 2003 whereof it is a conscious path of self knowledge and fulfillment. She has completed a 3 year educational course in Zen Shiatsu at the Natural Health Science School in Greece and has been engaged since for the past 10 years. Complementary to Zen Shiatsu she is also familiar with other alternative healing methods (Pranic Healing, Healing Codes, Aromatherapy and Psychology of Systems – mainly family) which in combination with her knowledge and experience from yoga compose the core of her therapeutic knowledge and experience. She has been engaged with Tantra Massage since 2013. To this spiritual path she owes her evolution as a human being and above all, the profounder the knowledge and experience, the realization of “I know one thing , that I know nothing”.