Elements of Karmic Astrology

Ancient astrologers have assigned the four elements of earth, water, fire, and air to better characterise the signs of the zodiac. This is not by chance, as it was typical of their vision of the cosmic world. Each group of three signs reveal a basic feature in human individuality. These zodiac groupings are:

  • Earth signs: TAURUS (the Bull), VIRGO (the Virgin), CAPRICORN (the Sea Goat)
  • Water signs: CANCER (the Crab), SCORPIO (the Scorpion), PISCES (the Fishes)
  • Fire signs: ARIES (the Ram), LEO (the Lion), SAGITTARIUS (the Archer)
  • Airsigns: GEMINI (the Twins), LIBRA (the Scales), AQUARIUS (the Water Bearer)

Due to the creation of determining forces formerly induced by us in our past, our present destiny was retained within a cycle generated by the subtle spheres of force of the planets. Our soul chose the right moment in this cycle to reincarnate into a body. Everything we have done, whether good or bad in our past lives is crucial in this choice. Intuiting all this, we understand that at times we have to make amends in order to be forgiven for some sins or faults committed in other lives. On the other hand, we can also be accordingly rewarded. For example, possessing physical beauty or being very harmoniously developed, is often a “gift” that is deservedly granted. It can be seen as achieved through merit for those who in their past lives have proved themselves loveable, kind, large-hearted, thoughtful, generous, and unselfish.

The elements of earth, water, fire, and air specifically imprint a particular karmic mark on the personality. The ”choice” to be born with the Sun in one or another zodiac sign is related to a most profound karmic tendency, which in turn, is closely bound to the lesson we had previously decided to learn through this present life.


The Earth signs of the zodiac (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are fully enrolled in the earthly (material) drama. These natives totally involve themselves in this experience and act with all the strength with which they are endowed. They have been born in an earth sign because they have neglected the spiritual aspects of their evolution or because they have acted in a superficial way in previous lives.


The Taurus natives had learned much about love in their past lives. Now they must seek to learn how to best express this feeling by overcoming the obstacle of possessiveness. They must confront sentimental deception and avoid comforting themselves through physical satisfaction. Instead of looking for material assurance and well-being at any price, it is advisable for them to discover their true mission in this life and to develop total confidence in their destiny.


The Virgo natives definitely have an experience of egoism in their background. For this reason they need to awaken and develop qualities like abnegation, discipline and selfless service devoted to the benefit of others in this life. Nurturing the capability for analysis and the power of discrimination will allow them to better understand their life and also help them to avoid making mistakes.


The Capricorn natives involved much of themselves in satisfying personal ambition in past lives. Thus they are excessively preoccupied on the material sphere. The life purpose for these natives is to commit their ambition to the service of humanity. To achieve this they must build brick by brick, as an edifice can only attain height if the foundation is very firmly established.



Natives of the water signs interact in a deeply emotional way. The contact they make with others first depends upon emotional contact. This indicates that their challenge is to develop themselves at the emotional level. They must learn to perfectly control emotion.


Being under the influence of the Moon, these natives are attached to the past. They are preoccupied with things already known. The Sun being in the sign of Cancer at the moment of birth gives rise to a profound desire to explore the nature of family relationships, to meditate on the origin of life and to develop sensibility. Generally being very maternal, they have to lessen and finally annihilate the tendency for possessiveness. They have to extend the very dear concept of family which they hold to the whole of humanity.


Pisceans seem to be loaded with troublesome “karmic duties“ and generally this is the reason why they choose to bear a trying or difficult life, in order to compensate for errors committed in the past. Some born in this sign are at the end of an evolutionary cycle which they must fulfill and become conscious of, and then to begin a new one. Pisceans need to sacrifice themselves, fully knowing the value of suffering. With this awareness, they must transform it into an efficient instrument for spiritual evolution. Therefore they conscientiously accept trials and all kinds of restrictions. This can be experienced in family separation, being caught in rigid professional environments, or even suffering in silence with a specific disease.Through these tribulations Pisceans will progress greatly, amplifying what they intuitively know of their belief in God and in their own existence. Harmonisation of their destiny will be achieved through positive thinking or through compassion for those who suffer.


These natives have reached a critical point on their karmic path. In the past they sometimes abused the great power over others they possessed. This is why they are living now in a crisis, often being torn between two contradictory tendencies: the past and death on one hand, and the future and life on the other. During life a part of themselves will die in order to let another part be born. Being very courageous, they are endowed with an excellent subconscious memory. They must discover their mission in life: to show others that they can completely transform themselves in this life, from the most ferocious materialism to an elevated spirituality.



The fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) are linked with the karma of personality development. This shows that these beings did not sufficiently develop their personality in past lives and this is their present challenge. Clearly asserting oneself is a necessary stage both for truly knowing our desires and aspirations as well as manifesting our potential. The way in which the fire signs interact and establish contact will help them to increase self-confidence and develop personality. They are bold explorers but have to learn the meaning of respect for others and the virtues of dialogue.


The Aries natives are looking for autonomy and aim to develop the spirit of courage and decisiveness. They have acquired the necessary energy of buoyancy and impetuous enthusiasm through numerous acts of courage in past lives. The struggles of life have greatly developed their inner force but also have amplified their egoism. They have to fight with lucidity and detachment against this inclination and direct their tremendous energy into beneficial direction.


Leo natives have developed a very strong ego during their past lives in which they held high positions in the political or artistic arena. This is the reason why they now again attempt to be in the limelight and often aim to develop their creativity. For true progress in this incarnation, Leo natives must learn to exercise their power in a positive direction, protectively, by expressing generosity and altruism especially for those who depend on them.


These natives often explore spiritual heights and aspire to spread joy and enthusiasm around themselves. They developed the qualities of honesty and idealism to a certain extent in their past lives. Generally, they tend to live without limits and probably will have an agitated existence, like great soldiers of fortune. In this life they have to learn to perfectly control thoughts and words, because without intending to they manage to hurt others.



The Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) are intimately related to the mind. Having an agile, independent and often versatile intelligence, like the wind, mostly animates these natives. This incarnation is an excellent school chosen by souls seeking evolution of mental activity which was neglected in past lives. This is the reason why they tend firstly to make mental contact in interactions, which allows them to exercise this aspect of their character. Some natives escape to this area to avoid responsibility, which is the typical weakness of air signs. These natives do not like to openly face life, as do the fire signs. Another major fault of these natives is pride which finds expression in the disregard for social contracts, for example marriage.


Gemini natives considerably developed their mental qualities in the past. Presently they are seeking improvement in this area. Their great mental capabilities allow them to be simultaneously interested in many fields at once. In order to accomplish their mission, they must firstly focus and control desire, harmoniously refraining to deal with everything at the same time.


Librans aim to regain a state of harmony and social justice, allowing it to fully manifest around themselves. This indicates that they have lived at least one existence marked by the effort to assure a happy marriage as a loving and intimate couple. This is why they work on creating as many harmonious or balanced friendships as possible. Instead of trying to change their lover”s character with whom they are compatible at any price, Libra natives should accept and love him as he is. The necessary approach is to transfigurate those they love, and to respect differences between people.


Aquarians lived in historical times where liberty and fraternity were wisely valued. Their concept of love is almost always ahead of time. However they often forget those closest to them. Therefore their lesson for this life is to learn that a group first starts with two people.