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YOGA FOR WOMEN: Relaxation, Regeneration and Feminine Harmony

October 20, 2017 • 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


This module is meant to help you relax, regenerate and charge yourself with positive energy using various secret techniques from the yogic tradition, enriched with practical elements from modern psychology.

Learn with us how to be relaxed even while you’re working, how to prevent or how to effectively deal with daily stress and how to enjoy life. Relaxation is a sine qua non condition for happiness.

This module is addressed to you if:

You feel tired or even drained;
You wish to get rid of daily stress;
You want to be more efficient in everything you do;
You feel depressed and you lack an appetite for life;
You wish to explore your femininity;
You feel the need to practice yoga in a modern way that is adapted to your needs as a woman.
We will practice or learn:

Very effective yoga secrets for relaxation, regeneration and quick harmonization of the being;
Techniques of relaxation using Tibetan bowls;
Yoga nidra (effective techniques of progressive relaxation and beneficial visualisation);
Breathing techniques;
Dynamic meditation;
A fascinating journey in the world of colours – relaxation and enchantment using cromotherapy;
Body postures (asana-s) for regeneration – “youth without ageing”

5 weekly meetings, 1h 30′ each

Please call 6994623993 to reserve your place

1st lesson is for free
Cost of the module: 36€ for registrations until the 15th October and 46 € for later on registrations.
(for Atman members 7€/meeting)

Julia Kolozsvari, Cristina Milea

Julia Kolozsvari,
Director of Anima Animus | Co-founder of the Femininity Club Afrodita | Author | Trainer | Counselor in personal development | Sex therapist

Author of many successful books, including: 10 Steps to becoming a woman full of self-confidence; Modern Sexology and the Oriental Art of Lovemaking | The muscles of the Perineum, their tantric and taoist erotic secrets; From premature ejaculation to a complete mastery of sexual energy; The full half of the glass. Optimism: A sweet deceit or a higher perspective on life?

Julia conducted countless workshops and conferences around the world. She dedicated 11 years of her life to studying, researching and corroborating modern science with the wisdom of oriental spiritual traditions.

Her motto is: ‘’Know yourself and you will know the entire universe.’’


October 20, 2017
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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