Integral Yoga


Atman offers a systematic Integral Yoga Course, based on years of study in a university style curriculum. Each level builds upon the previous, as the knowledge, understanding and consciousness of the aspirant continue to grow and to expand.

The Atman Integral Yoga Course CURRICULUM contains among others:

– The in-depth study of the basic universal principles and divine laws according to the Oriental wisdom; the study of the chakra system, their complex manifestation in all the 5 bodies (Koshas) of a human being and their awakening through various forms of Yoga.

– An esoteric theoretical and practical incursion in the history and depths of Yoga in its many forms, providing all necessary knowledge for the efficient practice of the various types of yoga including Hatha Yoga techniques (asanas, pranayama, mudras, etc.) you will receive the initiation into.

– The study of the yogic purification techniques (Vamana Dhauti, Shank Prakshalana, the Kryias, so on).

– The special initiation in Laya Yoga. This initiation contains the theoretical support as well as the traditional offering of secret mantras from the teacher to each student individually.

– the initiation in the mysteries of yantras and mandalas.

– The study of the ethics and morals in Yoga – the YAMAs and NIYAMAs.

– The principles of Tantra Yoga and the initiations into special techniques for enhancing, controlling and using in a spiritual way the sexual energy.

– The colored subtle streams of energy and their applications, among which healing magnetism and the study and subtle perception of the subtle body or in other words the aura.

– The initiations in the Ten Great Cosmic Powers (Mahavidyas).

– In-depth practice of Kundalini Yoga (the arousing of Kundalini Shakti, advanced mudras, bandhas, and kriyas)

– the study and practice of mental concentration and the opening of the THIRD EYE techniques.

– The mysteries of the supramental, its awakening and the access to a multi-dimensional state of consciousness.

– Techniques for the revealing and perception of previous lives.

– Astral projection and lucid dreaming techniques.

– the mysteries of the Law of Perfect Accomplishment and The Laws of Suggestion and Self-Suggestion

– Astrology in connection with Yoga

– The nature of the five elements (tattvas) and the System of Svara Yoga.

– Initiation in the World of the Angels and techniques for contacting the various classes of angels.

– Initiation in the Tibetan techniques of Phowa (transfer of consciousness), and in the

Kalachakra Tantra.

– The revelation of our Divine Self Atman quest, as the goal of any authentic spiritual path.

Information is given on a variety of related topics such as: diet in Yoga, healing through natural methods, Ayurveda, yin/yang balancing, deep relaxation, medicine and psychology in Yoga, various forms of meditation and the practical steps in meditation.

Each class is accompanied by a free, comprehensive set of printed materials that contain information about the techniques and theory of the day.

Throughout each month in the evenings we also hold special free of charge meditations, artistic moments, spiritual ceremonies and parties and our weekends are rich in seminars, workshops and auxiliary courses.

Basic Integral Yoga is an excellent introduction to our Intensive Integral Yoga Course. It also includes theory and practice on techniques from Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Laya Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Tantra Yoga as well as Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga and Nidra Yoga. These introductory classes are specially designed to accommodate newcomers in yoga, but they are rich in knowledge. They run in a cycle, so you are welcome to begin and continue at any time. If a group is already formed you will receive an additional free of charge, private meeting with one of our teachers in order to receive a briefing over the basics of our yoga system.

A brief description of the various forms of yoga:

Hatha Yoga implies: special body poses having complex beneficial effects (ASANAS), deep relaxation (SHAVASANA), breath control and rhythm (PRANAYAMA), essential methods of purification (KRIYAS), mental focus exercises meant to enhance physical harmony in a lithe and relaxed body. All these techniques insure vitality, secure perfect health and cure different diseases.

Kundalini Yoga implies the awakening of the full potential (both physical and spiritual) of the practitioner, through the awakening and energizing of the essential occult power known as Kundalini Shakti.

Raja Yoga, the path of intense focus, profound meditation and full mind control. This form of YOGA is based on perfection in morals and ethics, on the perfect control of the senses, which will gradually lead to a state of meditation, where the mind will be still and sheltered from unpleasant whirls. At such stages, once this state fully attained, all limitations are transcended and by deep fusion with the Divine Mind of the Macrocosm, the yogi will experience the state of supreme conscience or the ultimate ecstasy, known in yoga as SAMADHI.

Mantra Yoga, the path of the ineffable resonance to some specific, sublime energies of the divine manifestation, by uttering some specific sound, known as MANTRA.

A MANTRA is a sound modulation that represents some specific aspect of energy or secret realm of manifestation in the Macrocosm.

The proper mental focus in uttering some Mantra will enable the yogi to feel a specific state of resonance or unison in his whole being and thereby he will be deeply and ineffably connected to the DIVINE REALITY.

Bhakti Yoga, is the path of endless love and affectionate devotion to God, to some spiritual master or even to the divine spark inside of any human being, under the form of the eternal Supreme Self(ATMAN). By means of love, constantly infusing both thinking and feeling and unconditionally submitted to God, the human being will finally merge with the infinite divine love and by transcending its confined personality it will attain the state of Cosmic Conscience.

Jnana Yoga, the path of the superior intellectual knowledge, the path of wisdom. It consists of perfect self-knowledge and detached analysis, which gradually lead to complete spiritual awakening. The yogi on this path will acquire early on the first stages the knowledge of his Supreme Self (ATMAN) and therefore he no longer sees his identity in his body, psyche, mind or ego. By complete revelation of his endless Self (ATMAN) he merges with the Divine Essence inside his being; therefore he will all over recognize the Divine Essence surrounding him and he will attain Uniqueness, source of ecstasy.  

Karma Yoga, the path of the detachment in action, which enables the practitioner connection by resonance with the divine, infinite energies. Hereby the actions and the daily social duties accomplished with no attachment or wish to take possession of the results or effects of the actions, the yogi may constantly purify his mind and increase his evolution process.