Meditation class

Nowadays people are more and more interested in meditation. We are looking for ways to remove the tensions, to liberate ourselves from any negative aspects, like routine, noise, stress, anguish, fears. What is meditation really about ? It is that moment when we allow ourselves to enter in a profound communion with the inner Reality. This will gradually lead us to God, and to discover step by step new fascinating aspects of God reflected in every person, animal, plant, in every breath we take, thus discovering that ultimately we are One.

On this journey you will be guided, either you are a beginner or already a practitioner of meditation, going through stages of preparation (physically, mentally, emotionally) by the experience of the yoga teachers who are also on the path of (re)discovering their Self.

Meditating means among others:

  • To keep the mind perfectly calm and still
  • To maintain the inner peace unaltered and the effortless focusing of the mind
  • To acquire a higher consciousness upon the environment
  • To be able to live the present moment, without thinking about the past or the future
  • A beautiful journey full of aspiration and inspiration , and not only seen as a purpose in itself

You will discover, through practice, the wonderful effects of  meditation:

  • The diminishing of stress, removal of tensions, depression, anxiety
  • Emotional balance
  • Reinforcing the immune system , a better health
  • The sense of unity with everything that exists
  • Increased focusing and confidence
  • Mental calmness and freedom
  • Optimism
  • The perception of the spiritual integration into the Cosmic harmony
  • Healing etc.


Once a week, 1h30 min each meeting, on Fridays from 8.15 pm to 21.45 pm.

Please call 6930760384 to reserve your place

1st lesson is for free

Cost: 30€/month (or 10€/meeting) for non Atman members and 20€./month or (7€/meeting) for Atman members.