Tantra Yoga Course

tantra_workshop What is Tantra?

Tantra is much more than eroticism. Tantra is the spiritual path of saying YES to life in all its aspects. Tantra teaches us how to live life in every moment with extreme intensity and full awareness and detachment, how to abandon full of love and understanding to the flow of life. Then, life itself becomes a continuous and joyous lesson, teaching us all that we need to know, changing us for the better, realizing our potential, perfecting us. Tantra is a spiritual path the can be learned by all!

What is the Intensive Tantra Yoga Course?

The intensive tantra yoga course is a systematic and in-depth course, revealing one by one the mysteries of tantra. The techniques and theory given along the course are highly efficient, being secret ancient tantric teachings which have been adapted to the modern time, being explained in a rational and down-to earth manner, being supported by contemporary science.

New: special groups – Tantra for Men and Tantra for Women

This course also includes, beyond the regular meetings, also special groups – one only for men and one only for women. In these groups each person can dive deeper into the study and practice of tantra and harmoniously develop his/her sexuality. In the group Tantra for Men will be explored the masculine side of tantra and the men will be helped to investigate the secrets of the masculine power. In the group Tantra for Women will be developed the feminine aspect of tantra and the women will explore the feminine mystery. Within these groups, the tantric exercises will be practiced with even greater intensity with the purpose of making it possible for the participants to awaken their inner power and fulfill their true potential as men or women. Thus, these ground-braking and unique groups offer a potent and esoteric key for self transformation and perfection, and for successfully applying the tantric teachings in the daily life.

The benefits of the Intensive Tantra Yoga Course

The teachings of the Intensive Tantra Yoga Course help the student to gradually transform every aspect of his/her life, developing a tantric perspective which reveals the amazing and spiritual in the ordinary and material. Thus the practitioner achieves harmony and health at the physical, emotional and mental levels, awakens his/hers latent potential making it possible to fulfill his/her dreams and goals, awakens the happiness and the sense of wander, increases the ability to love, improves the love relationships, increases and elevates very much the sexual experiences, achieves fulfillment in every aspect of life and much more. All these transformations lead the practitioner to realize that he/she is essentially a spiritual being, blissful and eternal, intimately connected with all other beings in the universe, being all bound together in spirit in an intrinsic web of connections, making us all one.

The structure of the Intensive Tantra Yoga Course

The intensive tantra yoga course meets every second week, for 4 hours each time. Each course includes theory and practice. Also, the special meetings for men and women come to deepen even more the teachings of Tantra. In this way the student can progress gradually with his/her practice.The techniques done in the class do not include any erotic practice and are all done individually. The techniques given in the course begin with classical yogic bodily positions, taught with a tantric perspective, and gradually develop into tantric techniques of a more esoteric nature.