Meditation  Class

Nowadays people are more and more interested in meditation. We are looking for ways to remove the tensions, to liberate ourselves from any negative aspects, like routine, noise, stress, anguish, fears. What is meditation really about ? It is that moment when we allow ourselves to enter in a profound communion with the inner Reality. This will gradually lead us to God, and to discover step by step new fascinating aspects of God reflected in every person, animal, plant, in every breath we take, thus discovering that ultimately we are One.
On this journey you will be guided, either you are a beginner or already a practitioner of meditation, going through stages of preparation (physically, mentally, emotionally) by the experience of the yoga teachers who are also on the path of (re)discovering their Self.
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Tantra for Women

Athens Atman Association in collaboration with Anima Animus Editions & SELF Awakening invites you to attend :



Is it not true that in the  tumult of your life you wish for the time and opportunity to take care of yourself, not just from the physical, but also from an emotional and spiritual point of view? Here is the course that will help you achieve just that!

This course is designed especially for the modern woman who lives in the fast lane and has a limited time for relaxation, regeneration, exercising  and harmonisation.

In this course we will offer you the opportunity to explore in a practical manner the traditional yogic philosophy in an innovative way that was designed specifically for women.


Now you can join our Integral Yoga Course!

Our Integral Yoga Course’s gates are open to welcome all those interested to start with us the fascinating,  spiritual, life transforming  journey through yoga.

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