Yoga For Children

The benefits of yoga training are considerable. If you’ve taken a yoga class you may have experienced first hand, among many positive effects, the sense of body awareness, well being and health improvment that yoga can promote.
Studies that have looked at children and yoga have shown overwhelmingly positive benefits. Not only does it help to build body awareness, self-esteem and self confidence, it shows children how to achieve inner relaxation in the face of stress and builds flexibility which can be useful for certain sports and other physical activities.

‘ In 2003, researchers at California State University looked at the relationship between children and yoga training in terms of academic and school performance. Children who participated in yoga classes not only had a higher self-esteem but they also scored better on tests and had a higher GPA. In addition, the children who were yoga participants experienced less disciplinary issues. It appears that yoga may help children better focus and concentrate on their school work and the increase in self-esteem gives them a “can do” attitude toward academics.

Another benefit of children doing yoga training is that it teaches them early how to deal with stress in a positive, constructive way. This type of learned adaptive response to stress can help them very much in high school and college years when life becomes even more stressful and complex.

Even young children can benefit from the practice of yoga. Because children have inherently shorter attention spans than adults, children’s yoga classes are adapted to suit their particular needs. For example, a child might be encouraged to assume the role of an animal or a flower while holding poses. This adds an element of fun and also helps to stimulate the imagination which may help with the development of creativity.

When a child is exposed to yoga at an early age, he gets a variety of mental and physical benefits that may allow him to be more centered and focused as well as handle stress better as an adult.
In our yoga classes for children, the teacher will explain all the things in a kid’s style using as basic tools, imaginative activities (tell them to imagine they are playing outside with their friends, teach them the yoga po stures, techinques and breathing exercises while they think they are playing). For example, the coplete yogic relaxation technique will be done by telling the kids that they imitate bears while hibernating.

This way they will feel energetic and would take interest in learning.

The classes will take place at a weekly bases, in groups of maximum 10 children.