Emotional Healing & Initiation in Belly Dance

We invite you into the magical world of the feminine universe where you will discover the wonderful woman that you are, and also Health, Joy, Beauty, Confidence…

Belly Dance Teacher: Nicole


Part 1: Saturday, November 24th,   14.30 – 16.30    [A journey  to discover yourself, your inner freedom and the healing power of Belly Dance movements

Part 2: Sunday, November 25th,  14.30 – 16.30 [Anatomy in Belly Dance: foundation and initiatic elements




The feminine mystery and magic that men find difficult to understand but they are fascinated it is created by two ancient forces live within every woman: one soft, kind, delicate and the opposite full of passion, the free woman archetype.

If you want to find how Belly dance movements give you the possibility:

-to understand yourself and your inner hidden self and to heal this inner gap.

-to learn about yourself and your body and how you can become your own healer..

-to become aware of your inner space and the space outside your body ..

-to open your heart..and why You woman… You ARE A GODDESS


We invite you to our workshop..!



50 € part 1 + 2

30 € / part

40 € unemployed part 1 + 2

25 € unemployed/part


About Nicole:

My passion for teaching Belly Dance begun in 2009 when I started teaching a dance class in Brasov, Romania. Some of the young ladies that were my students back then, now they are dance teachers also. Since then I continued teaching groups or private dance lessons learning together with the other women to become aware of our beauty, of our feminine strength, grace and healing power realizing also that Belly Dance is an art of loving, a mixture of openness and reserve, a balance between give and take. We learned together to be appreciative, tolerant also with others artistic efforts and to know ourselves and accept what we are so we can find our qualities, express them, enjoy them and becoming our best version of ourselves.

Belly Dance it is not about imitation..it is about learning to find and express your uniqueness!!

In addition to instructing dance I am a Romanian language and literature teacher and

I have a license in psychology also. So all these skills in listening others, understanding human nature and the need of awakening our creative potential helps me when I work with groups of people.

My inspiration in this journey is the music that made me travel in distant lands and my dance teachers Foy Bauer, Katerina Sheeren and also other ballet teachers..

I am a dance teacher certificated by the Ministry of Culture, Youth, Sports and Education( CPPC) since 2012. As a dancer I performed at events, and festivals in Romania, Slovenia and I also collaborated with theatre groups.

I am a life lover, I am interested in a health life, I practice yoga for 20 years, I study nutrition and Ayurveda, Tantra and I am a lover of arts of all kinds.

I strongly believe in the power of Belly Dance as an art and as a gentle therapy!